For AtlasHacks, we created a mobile application dedicated toward providing relief for people fearful of COVID-19. Recently, the global pandemic has been sparking panic and fear across the world, and many people have been living in a terrified state for months. Thus, we wanted to create an app that would help alleviate the user’s mood to make them feel better about the upcoming months regarding COVID-19.

What it does

The application includes a positive news section, a journal entry section, a positive quotes section, and a live tracker of COVID-19 case recoveries. In the positive news section, the app is continuously updated to show the latest news articles. We specifically chose to show only positive news because this would help brighten the user’s mood, as every day they can learn about the good things that are happening in the world rather than of the devastating impacts of COVID-19. In the journal entry section, the user can submit a few sentences about their day for future records. This will allow them to record their thoughts and emotions, which is a scientifically-proven beneficial and therapeutic activity. The positive quotes section generates a positive quote every time the user clicks the refresh button. There are tens of thousands of positive quotes that our app can generate, which will ensure a lack of redundancy, boosting the user’s experience with the application. Finally, the live tracker of COVID-19 case recoveries will allow the user to feel better about COVID-19 as they will see only the positive aspect of the pandemic.

How we built it

We created this application on Flutter. Design-wise, we decided to create a light-themed app. We chose color schemes that are warm and appealing in order to evoke greater relief from the user. We connected to a quotes database, a positive news api, and the NovelCOVID api features on postman. We presented our app with many animations to create a pleasing experience. We made sure to target the app toward positivity by only displaying POSITIVE news, and for the COVID tracker, only displaying RECOVERED cases rather than deaths or total cases. Overall, the experience was challenging; however, we believe we produced a great app that provides a sense of relief.

Challenges we ran into

A challenging component of our app development process was implementing and writing in the api's to our app. Additionally, we had issues with connectivity of app among multiple devices when editing. To fix these issues, we used GitHub where our members could commit their changes and pull updates made during development.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having been our first hackathon, we are proud to have successfully finished an entire app within the restricted time. Through our efforts we were able to gain a greater and more in-depth knowledge of app development by implementing api's, using toolkits like Flutter, and learning from our challenges throughout our development.

What we learned

Overall, the process of creating this project was difficult, but fun. Time-consuming, but also enlightening, as we learned a lot about app development while creating our mobile application.This new understanding we gained taught us the foundations and components that go into app development, allowing us to take these skills further past just this hackathon. With our design and code, we not only hope that our application is impressive to you, the judges, but we also plan to actually publish this application in the future after further refining so that people afraid of COVID-19 will be able to find relief in tough times.

What's next for COVID Relief Journal

In the future, we hope to publish our application after further refinements within our app. We hope that through its publication, we can reach a larger audience in which we can provide relief for those afraid of COVID-19 during these tough times.

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