We saw that a lot misinformation online that was slowing down progress in fighting the Pandemic.

What it does

Its a randomized quiz to test your knowledge

How I built it

We intended to use React but due to hosting issues we had to convert to regular Html, Css, and Javascript. We also used the EchoAR API.

Challenges I ran into

Firstly I had a lot of API issues with the EchoAR model, then I tried countless ways of implementing EchoAR into AR.js or A-Frame. After many struggles I had to use the embed link so it would work on mobile.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of the fact that the quiz aspect of the website was written entirely in HTML, CSS, and Vanilla JS

What I learned

We all learned a variety of facts regarding COVID 19 such as the fact that the virus attaches itself to Ace-2 receptors in the lining of the airways when it enters the human body. We also learned about using EchoAR from a workshop in TechHacks. We used what we learned about this AR and connected it to our website.

What's next for Covid Quiz + AR

We can integrate React in the site and make the quiz a single-page app. We can also build a 3d model of a person being tested for COVID-19 in EchoAR.

Credits to Muhammad Rafikov, Srewashi Mondal, Bryant Zheng, and Santiago Vira

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