Climate change is really a concern these days, to address this major concern we wanted to take a small step toward it. This small step could help by creating awareness among communities. Also, we considered open-source data.

What it does

We focused on Air pollution. A Web platform where people can see how greenhouse gas (here just Carbon Monoxide) and temperature varied across years 2015-2020. People can visualize how CO, temperature levels have changed over the span.

How we built it

We built our website using Replit for team collaboration. we had 3 different assignments, one person did the HTML coding, other got all of the information, and the third did the Java code. Our 4th person unfortunately did not show up. For our purpose, we used the Air Quality open data.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into issues with some of the code, the image would not show up so we had to change the way it was coded. We also ran into issues with not being online at the same time so collabration was a little hard sometimes. at one point last night our website stopped working so we had to stop for the night with the programing

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made at this last moment as we feel online hackathons are quite thought to keep on the toes. The fact that we were all able to work together to create something within a short time period.

What we learned

Learned many things along the way: From building the team to team efforts, Ideation, implementing, project submission. We got to know each other.

What's next for Covid Pollution - Hackathon

Add more features for visualization, in a way that layman could understand them and try to be an eco-conscious being. To get the form completed and work as we would like it

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