Getting rid of COVID-19 is considered the most targeted goal we seek. After incredible asking for the desired solutions and ways to recover all expected mistakes. avoiding other interactions reduces the possible injured people and this’s the main method.

This idea concludes a wristwatch provided with a sensor to measure the blood temperature of the owner to assess if it’s COVID-19 state or not (from fiver). The second part is responsible for measuring the others’ blood temperature to check if it’s high or normal to take the required precautions

Our project is two merged projects. The first project is glasses. These glasses will be use to measure the temperature of bodies around the person who wear it. It will warn him from people with high temperature, so he can go away them as they may have the virus. It is using similar way to the tomographic camera. It is using infrared radiation to measure the temperature and show the result for the user. The second project is a hand watch. It will be use to measure the temperature of the body. It will contain something like thermometer and it will measure the temperature from his hand. If the temperature is high, the watch will send a warning message to a serve in Ministry of Health with the location of the watch. Then the Ministry of Health can take take the person and say if he had the virus or not. Some people know that they have the virus and don't say. This watch will help to detect them.

While thinking in this project and building it, we met some challenges. One of them is that we didn't know where to put the watch, but we solved it. The watch will be put in the wrist of the person using it like other watches. We also had a problem with the glass as we didn't know how to make it measure the temperature. We solved this problem by searching about devices that are used in this field and saw that the thermographic camera way in measuring is suitable to use in the glasses.

We are proud of the accomplishments that we made which are: A watch that has a temperature sensor to test human temperature and another sensor that saves data when you are near another watch in a 1-meter radius and GPS to determine where the two watches met. When a watch user gets COVID-19, the data on the watch will help the Ministry of Health to know the people who interacted with the infected person. A glasses which have the ability to test human temperature by using the infrared light

We learned from this project the symptoms of infection which one of it is a rise in the human temperature so we knew that when people became infection with COVID-19 their temperature will be very high and learned about the sensors and how it works. also, we knew how we can test the human temperature without touch by using the infrared.

We can develop our idea by adding many different things to it so that it can solve the problem of COVID and protect people from the risk of infection. We can add a feature in the future, as we will identify all the people you interacted with or were close to. In the future, we can place a device at every watch, whenever it approaches a person a distance less than 50 cm, the watch records the person's name and the time it occurred. This will help a lot because if a person is infected, we can know who was accompanying him and we can do health isolation for these people which will also help to reduce the number of cases and will solve the problem. We see that these ideas will help a lot in solving the problem of COVID, and we hope that watches and glasses will spread in the future among people because it will help a lot and reduce the number of cases. It will also help the Ministry of Health to count the number of cases and determine their places easily.

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