During these hard days, information is something very important to be up to date on everything going on in the world. _ My inspiration comes from the fact that people have to be informed so that they can be safe. _

Covid news App is a little web application which allows us to get the latest news on covid-19 from the New York Times.

To make my inspiration come true, i used React JS and the New York Times API.

When coding the App, i was blocked on a problem during 3 days. I did not know a way to get the information i was fetching to go into my components state object and props, It was hard because i didn't know how to use data out of the fetch method. But after googling it many times, i finally found the solution. And what is fun is the fact that the solution was in the React official web site !

I am very proud of me because i came over that problem and also because before registring to the Facebook Developer circles community challenge i didn't know anything about React. But now, i have ** a very good React basis**

I have learnt many things, from how to begin a React project to how to deploy it. And along the way i have learnt many technical concepts on React.

In the future i would like the Covid News App to become a very useful application, with a great user experience and many other features. I think also about making a mobile version of it using React Native.

Thank you !

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