As we saw many people in our community and the rest of America not following social distancing guidelines, we wanted to create an app that made sure people stay safe and follow these guidelines. We wanted to make sure the surge of cases reduce so that our lives can return to normal.

What it does

Our app and website have a variety of features. When you press the arm button on the app, it will start collecting data via Bluetooth. Whenever you walk past someone it logs it so you know how many encounters you have had. As well as logging the number of encounters, it gets your exact location as well, so it plots it on a map you can later see on the website. It will tell you exactly how many encounters you have had in one location. Depending on how many encounters you have had per log, an icon will be shown(Checkmark, Warning, Danger), depending on how many encounters you have had per log. This will allow you to know if you should get tested or not depending on how many encounters you have had. On the website client, you can see where you had your encounters on a map, as well as how many encounters you have has per log. For example if I went on a trip to the grocery store, it will log all the encounters I had for that trip. And on the map, it will display the grocery store. We also have COVID statistics per country, as well as the latest health-related news.

How I built it

We built our app using flutter. Using different packages such as the vibrate package, the google maps, as well as the Bluetooth package, were able to create all the features we have. We adjusted the RSSID strength of the Bluetooth signal to adjust distance so we can get the closest to 6ft as possible. This guarantees you to follow social distancing guidelines. We used a google maps API that gets your exact location as well as plotting it and displaying it on the map. The website was built with VUE js which is a javascript framework. We used a News API for the health-related news and a COVID statistics API for the COVID stats data. We used firestore to store all the data for the backend. Both the app and the website were connected.

Challenges I ran into

Some challenges that we ran into was implementing the Bluetooth feature in the mobile application. It was hard for us to differentiate smartphone devices from other Bluetooth devices, but we found a way around that and were able to successfully implement the feature into our app. We also had some issues

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

My team and I are proud of all the features we were able to implement in a week. Its amazing to see how your phone vibrates and gives ding sound as you wall by someone. The fact that it also gets your location as well as plotting on the map is very cool as well.

What I learned

What's next for COVID Network

We hope to implement many more features such as notifications, reminders to wear your mask and many more features.

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