People nowadays avoid wearing masks while leaving their houses as they may assume that the Covid situation is under control.

What it does

This application provides a countrywide distribution of the percentage of people who do not wear masks when they leave their houses and also detects if the person is wearing a mask or not.

How I built it

I have built it using D3.js, HTML5, Javascript, CSS3, Google Cloud Storage, Google Vision API, Google AutoML, Google API engine, and few other technologies.

Challenges I ran into

It was difficult to set up the D3 js and get the data for the country-wise distribution of people who do not wear masks.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This app can be used to track the people who are not wearing masks and that would help us to monitor the country-wise statistics of how many people are not wearing masks. If the percentage increases above a threshold, there should be some kind of stringent steps that should be taken.

What I learned

I learned more about D3 v3 version, how to do geo-mapping, and work on face/object detection.

What's next for COVID Mask tracker and Mask detection

Make the face detection even faster and integrate it with proper cameras at the entrance of public places.

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