In my state Kerala, India. The government regularly released route maps of Covid patients through social media to make people aware of the travel history, if they have come in contact with the patient. But I thought it can be made more efficient.

What it does

Anyone can can enter a place they have visited recently with date and time, Our application will compare it with patient travel history in our database and show if any match occurred or not. And If the user feels that he/she might have been in contact with the virus, they can report themselves along with their name and contact details. The health department will get a notification and can take necessary action to support the flagged users to take precautionary measures. Another option is for users who can't remember their travel history and has a large history can upload their google map location history file instead of manually giving in their place visits.

Advantages of our approach of implementation

We gave emphasis to user-friendliness because when the virus as big as this spreads, it can affect different types of people who might not be technical. A simple ready to trace interface by clicking a link to web application. The tracing is done using client-side javascript so no user data is stored. And cloud Firestore provides a secure database platform, so patient privacy is also ensured. There is no requirement of sign up or registration as we are not tracking the user. And no need for any installation of applications. We believe our approach to the solution can make an efficient and immediate impact on a large number of population to control the outbreak

How I built it

html5,javascript,angular.js, firebase The algorithm Is run in client-side javascript code, so the user data is never stored, thus keeping their information private.

Patient Databases should be provided by the government or authorized health workers. And should have all the location history stored in a cloud server "Firestore", which securely provides only the locations of various patients to each user, thus ensuring the privacy of the patient.

Challenges I ran into

Google map history can only be downloaded manually for each user, which might not be understandable to everyone. So provided another option to manually type in their location history and time to match with all patient history.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have successfully implemented and it is ready to serve form as long as we have a patient database provided by the government. Ensure privacy to both ends without tracking anyone.

What I learned

teamwork and Github. And every idea is significant, so listen to your partners and involve them to get the best output

What's next for Covid Map Trace

In later stages, the data can be used to reach conclusive evidence on vulnerable travel characters and locations when an epidemic like this spreads. So can make decisions based on that for future

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