Since so many people around the world were affected by COVID-19, our team, Team Sky, thought that we could make a game that teaches people about the different drugs and viruses that can affect the human body and how to prevent it(Typically, it's by vaccines). This relates to the theme(Empowering Communities through education).

What it does

When played, there would be a home screen. There is one button that goes to Credits and one to Case Files. The Case Files are all the files(classifications) about the enemies(Opioids, HIV, COVID-19, Flu, Cold) by the Body's Research Facility(BRF). After that, there would be a button called Play. When clicked, the player would be brought to the game. They move the mouse pointer to move the vaccine and click to shoot the enemies. Some enemies can't be destroyed because there is no vaccine for it(HIV, Cold). There would be a scoring system on the top that shows how many enemies have been destroyed. If the vaccine touches the enemies, then the game would show a Lose screen. After a few seconds, there would be a 'green zone' that would show the win screen if the vaccine touches it. The game would give the option of playing again. Every scene has music from us.

How we built it

  • Created a new 2D Unity project
  • Sam made Game mechanics( Player, enemy, bullet, prefabs, etc.) and music
  • Marlin made a Game collision
  • Marlin made most of the art and some music.
  • Used some scripts from our old projects and used others(the other links are in credits scene of video)

Challenges we ran into

  • Player shooting was weird at first and not accurate
  • Lack of experience (for Marlin)

Accomplishments we're proud of

  • score system
  • variety of enemies
  • gameplay loop ##What we've learned
  • how to push to Github
  • how to disable unity gizmos
  • More stuff/mechanics about Unity What's next
  • Probably nothing was fun making it
  • Making more games

Built With

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