Native Android app designed to test the user's knowledge of the COVID-19 pandemic. Users participate in a true/false trivia quiz.


One of the best ways we can all help flatten the curve is by ensuring that the information we have about COVID-19 is genuine. With so much talk about the virus on the news, on social media, and among peers, it is easy for false information to spread. With CovidIQ, you can test your knowledge of the virus and ensure you have the facts, and not the fiction.

Information presented in this project was sourced from the following verified sources:

Challenges I ran into

  • Minor UI bugs
  • Never ending list of errors stemming from parsing the JSON

What I learned

  • A bunch of new Android Studio features
  • Creating and parsing a custom JSON file and integrating it into a native Android app

What's next for COVID IQ

I believe an app like COVID IQ would benefit greatly from a reward based system. If users had an incentive to perform well on the quiz and a reason to aim for a high score, they would learn a ton about COVID along the way.

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