Inspired by the stories and hardship faced by members of the healthcare industry

What it does

A website that graphically presents COVID statistics in Singapore

How we built it

Pulls data from Google Cloud’s public Datasets using Python and BigQuery Filter and present useful data using Python modules, Pandas and Plotly Present the data on a web page coded with html/css/js hosted on a Tomcat Server

Challenges we ran into

Inexperienced with Google Cloud and BigQuery, tight schedule

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building and submitting this in time!

What we learned

Learned about the capabilities of the Google Cloud Platform and the datasets publicly available and Github

What's next for COVID Infographic

The graph should present daily instead of total data, ie. daily number of confirmed cases Working with too much data, perhaps compress it to update every week There's much more useful data that can be presented Site is currently updated manually, ideally it should be automatic

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