What inspired us

We didn't really have a design inspiration; I conceived the idea (1 of 2) in a brainstorming session.

What it does

Enables users to obtain Coronavirus information about their desired United States state and county; additionally showing them CDC resources about the virus + treating/preventing it

How I built it

Wrote a client-server application with flask and Jinja2 html templates. Team helped integrate/improve csvquery (our team's lib for querying csv like you would sql) and improved frontend/helped implement automation script.

Challenges I ran into

Had some trouble with the team/organization at first

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Implementing Jinja2 and python flask again for a webapp with a team.

What I learned

Teamwork, scripting automation; csv querying.

What's next for COVID in your County

With permission from the CDC, implementing precautionary advice based off of the user's location/situation/relative number of cases around him/her.

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