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Helping spread communication about novel virus Covid-19 via FREE text messages for everyone.


The biggest issue about pandemics is communication. As of today, 10% of the U.S population does not use the internet. 42% of older adults are part of that group. The vast majority of Americans – 96% – now own a cellphone of some kind. Of that 96% of Americans only 81% owned a smartphone. We also have 91% of Americans age 65+, who own some type of cellphone, of that share 39% of the group does not own a smartphone. Still, these numbers are more extremes in developing countries.

These stats are extremely important; People at higher risk of contracting COVID-19 are older adults and people who have severe chronic medical conditions like heart, lung or kidney disease. According to early CDC data, it is suggested that older people are twice as likely to have serious COVID-19 illness.

Making this information accessible via text, along with the latest Coronavirus news, and the CDC advice about how to stay safe would greatly aid mankind in its quest to control this fatal virus. Covid Helpline is a reasonably easy and cheap solution to this issue.

What It Does?

Covid Helpline is an open-source tool created to raise awareness and boost communication about the current coronavirus outbreak. This is done by making the latest updated data obtained from John Hopkins' Covid-19 data repository available to everyone online and offline.

Getting Started

to get started, text +1 (914) 268-4399 following the below instructions:

  • Text "Advice" to get CDC's best advice about how to stay safe during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Text "News" to get the latest news articles about Coronavirus from a truthful source: News API.
  • Text the desired country name or state/province name or city name or zip code to the designated Twilio phone number to receive the latest updated data from John Hopkins' open-source repo about the number of confirmed cases, deaths, and recoveries in that location.
  • Text "Subscribe" followed by country/state name (Example: 'Subscribe Italy') to receive the most up to date Covid-19 count report from John Hopkins as soon as it is released.
  • Text anything else to receive the generic helper SMS with all of the above options.
  • Text "Stop" to opt-out.

Accomplishments & Challenges

What's Next?

This project is in serious need of contributions and funding. If you are interested in saving the world, getting your questions answered, or reaching out to the developers, contact us at via We are currently asking for donations via this GoFundMe page and would really appreciate any donation amount. The goal is to keep Covid Helpline running for FREE for all of its users. Help us with our mission by helping us spread the word on social media: Facebook & Instagram.

Copyright & License

Copyright (c) 2020 Covid Helpline - Released under the MIT license. Covid Helpline and the Covid Helpline logo are trademarks of Covid Helpline's official contributors. Code of Conduct

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