Millions of people across the world are struggling at the moment. We really want to help, and we believe there are many other people who wish to help too! Some people have none to ask for help, or they are too shy even if they really need it. We want to hear their voice and match with those we are ready to help!

What it does

It asks a series of questions: 1) If you need help, want to help or both 2) What help you need or how you can help others? 3) Your email

Then based on your answers and your location we will match those in need with those who can help

How we built it

We used Azure Bot Service and MS Bot Framework and created a web client based on MS Web Chat. On the backend we used Node.js We save all data in Postgres

Challenges we ran into

ms bot framework, resiliency

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Managed to figure out MS bot framework

What we learned

How chatbots work

What's next for Covid Help Bot

Built With

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