A huge portion of the population of India isn't able to receive COVID stats due to which a lot of people aren't aware of the disease at all and refuse to wear masks.

What it does

My web app would be giving you real-time updates on COVID stats in your country and globally while also providing you the option of signing up for SMS updates through a Twilio SMS API integration. No internet connection is required.

How we built it

We used real-time data to get statistics regarding COVID. With this, we managed to update the web app on the same, accurately to a second. So depending on the death toll, number of cured etc., there would be an immediate change on the web app too. Using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, we created a responsive website that would provide these stats while retrieving data from the source regularly. Then we used the Twilio SMS API to allow users to get SMS updates instead of having the check the app all the time.

Challenges we ran into

I think the biggest challenge we ran to was trying to administer the Twilio API into the web app as none of us had ever done it before.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are super proud of able to be getting real-time data accessible to everyone while also allowing the same phone users to receive SMS updates using the Twilio API.

What we learned

What's next for COVID-Guru

I'd probably create this into a COVID tracking app entirely but make it optional, while an app where you could get any information on COVID using simple web-scrapping

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