This is what we face right now in 5 points:

  1. Highly Transmissible Pandemic with Long Incubation Period
  2. Many Asymptomatic Carriers Roaming Around and Spreading It Further
  3. Overwhelmed Health Facilities with Deteriorating Caregiving
  4. Worrisome Media Coverage That Led to Shaken Confidence in System
  5. People’s Reluctance to Proactively Test or even Approach Hospitals

If this continues at the same pace, we might shortly face:

  1. Uncontrolled Spread
  2. Health System Collapse
  3. Mass Outbreak

So, COVID Guest Plan comes as an integrated solution of 3 Parallel Practices, summed up below and as attached into:

  1. Technical Mapping [Mainly thru partnering with Tech companies i.e. Google]
  2. Logistic Allocation [Mainly thru partnering with Logistic Providers as attached]
  3. Medical Relief [Mainly thru partnering with CDC and HHS]

Timelines are:

  1. One week for Accelerated Solution Setup
  2. One week for Triage Distribution Setup, Lightening Load and harbouring asymptomatic carriers
  3. Two weeks for outbreak containment

COVID Guest Plan would help with:

  1. Proper Epicenter/Cluster Tracking
  2. Health System Load Lightening
  3. Hospital/Ventilator Access Prioritization
  4. Admission of Critical Cases Only
  5. Ideal Utilization of Resources
  6. Likeable Lodging for Asymptomatic
  7. Encouraged Voluntary Proactive Testing
  8. People’s Confidence Regained

A summarized digest is attached herewith for your reference. Glad to share details and health/ logistic validation as needed.

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