How we got here

EtherMed is an AI medical assistant that eliminates charting for docs. We spent nearly a year gathering data and building and pushing into hospitals, building and refining our hardware and software, and then CV hit. We stepped back, spoke with our hospital partners at the heart of the NY epicenter, heads of EDs, and executives, mangagers, and providers, and realized that with a slight repurposing of our existing hardware and modifications to our software, we could help solve one of the huge COVID problems plaguing healthcare workers.

So. We proposed it to two hospitals, they accepted, signed, and asked if we could get in within weeks. We found this hackathon, and decided to combine our own product sprint and open our arms to the community for help and support. Now, within two days we've make a huge advance, and are almost ready to hit the ground running - and now with more brilliant minds, committed hearts, and incredibly kind and talented fellow contributors.


Our country and the world are being destroyed by coronavirus. Frontline hospitals are seeing linear or exponential increases in patients, while at the same time losing staff to coronavirus and quarantine.

Asymptomatic but contagious caregivers become unwitting “super-spreaders” of the virus, within and outside the walls of the hospital.

Hospitals are in dire straits trying to verify exposure to potential sources of the contagion and protect their doctors, nurses, and staff from being increasingly eliminated from this desperate fight.

What it does

EtherMed’s Covid solution creates an instant backtrace after a known infection, and identifies all current and past physical locations of the infected with a list of those they’ve been in contact with. Administrators then, for the first time, have the ability to know, notify, and manage those needing isolation.

What's next for Covid Frontline Backtracer

Before this hackathon we had one signed hospital begging us to come install our solution - ideally within weeks. After busting out butts for these 48 hours we now have 2 additional hospitals in discussions, cold outreach from 3 huge hospitals at the epicenters, several investor conversations, and a massive product and design leap forward. We negotiated a new contract with a hardware, and began looking to diversify our supply chains.

Doctors, nurses, and frontline providers need help yesterday, and our solution will help defend the frontline workers and allow them to fight this pandemic. We intend to resource, partner, and expand and quickly as possible to bring all assistance that we can to those at the greatest risk and doing the greatest good.

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