+The automatic covid detecter kit is placed in front of the public places like malls, theaters, shops, etc..this kid is placed entrance of the public places. when a person enters the shop, the infrared ray is passed to the person. After received the rays, the Arduino will separate the rays from all sensors. If the detected data is related to the covid, the app will suggest the doctors online. Through this app doctors could give health advice or home quarantine or prescription etc…This app also detects the nearby covid centers with the availability of beds, oxygen, and doctors. With the received rays, the sensors start detecting the data. With the help of the wifi module, the detected data is sent to the person's mobile through the covid first aid kid app. The face API is attached to the covid first aid kid. When we install the app, it asks to upload their photo and enter their mobile number, gender, age of the person. When the person enters the shop, the face API will detect their face and check with the database or cookies of this app. If the person is identified, the face API will give the signal to the wifi module to transfer the data. when a person gets the covid virus confirmed, the app sends the notification to the wifi module where the covid affected person goes for the past 15 days. For example; if a person got the covid test as a positive, this app will give an alert to all places where the covid kit is placed (the person goes for the past 15 days). hence the public places like malls, theaters, shops receive the notification, the shop's wifi module will give the alert message for all customers to take a covid test (only those who come for the shop past 15 days) because even the covid affected person touches something in that shop it leads to spread for other customers so only this app suggests the particular customer for who came for 1 to 15 days.

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