The sudden increase of the covid cases and death will boost us to do this project to save the people from the covid pandemic.

What it does

    Our project contains hardware and software compartment . The hardware compartment is placed in the public places like malls, theaters, shops, industries, companies, because this is dangerous place for the public spread of virus. When people enters into the public places the IR light is passed and the data is detected and gave to the pulse oximeter , temperature and pressure module sensor to identify the pulse rate , temperature and blood pressure and also lung capacity of the person. The Face API is used to scan the persons face. wifi module is used to send the data to the mobile application from the hardware compartment.
  On other hand , the software application is installed in our mobile. this application is developed by using flutter and andriod studio. When we install this app , it asks the user to upload their photo, enter their primary and secondary mobile number and also gender and aadhar number.
   When the person enters into the shop the detected data is send to the person's mobile application, If the data is related to the covid , the app will gave alert and send notification to the secondary mobile number(Family person's mobile) and also This app will suggest the doctors or health advisor through the online mode. So that the doctor would make an appointment or home quarantine advise with online prescription . that prescription is send to the pharmacy near to your location automatically and the medicines will delivered to your home. On other hand this app will gave the covid centers near to your location with availability  oxygen , beds and doctors.

How we built it

 We had doubts be like how the detected data is send to the person correctly? The Face API is used for that. When person enters into the public place , The Face API attached with hardware compartment is detect the face and send to the database . This data base is check with Photo of the person When he upload in the installation process of the application ,his photo is stored in the cookies of the mobile application . If the photo is matched the data is send to the persons mobile through the wifi module. this photo is stored in the cookies of the mobile application. And we also use SAAS concept in the cloud. So this process does not need server or huge database. All the data will stored in the user mobile.

Challenges we ran into

     The attachment of the Face API in this hardware compartment is very critical for us. And also we trained the algorithm to identityfy the person if he wears the mask.  

Accomplishments that we're proud of

   We had detected the person covid with symptoms with 80% acuurancy . 

What we learned

In this project we completely know to train the algorithm and assemble of the hardware components and Well secured mobile application with Very small server for high users. 

What's next for COVID FIRST AID KIT

Our ultimate aim is to gave this and publish the project in the public.

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