Online COVID-19 content can be repetitive and a serious downer. Our team realized that we would rather stay up to date through deliberate searches for virus related news, rather than being constantly reminded of the situation.

What it does

Filters and removes references to COVID-19 on Google, Facebook, Youtube, Reddit, and popular news sources without changing the design of each website.

How we built it

Injecting JavaScript code onto each website through a chrome extension. Used Chrome API to manage toggling functionalities.

What's next for COVID Filter

The ability for users to add custom keywords or phrases that they would like to see less of on the web. Expanding the popup UI and replacing removed content on Google search results.

Challenges we ran into

Learning how to build a chrome extension on the fly was difficult, especially understanding the documentation and scope of each JavaScript file in relation to a user's webpage.

What I learned

How to build a chrome extension! Also greatly improved our JavaScript skills.

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