💡 Inspiration

Technology day after day becomes more integrated with the life of civilians, in various aspects. And now during this time, many people may want/need to organize events but in a safe manner. So instead of calling people left and right, just use the Event Organizer app! It'll take care of the planning for you, all while staying within CDC guidelines and recommended health decisions.

⚡ What it does

The COVID Event Organizer app is an app that allows people across the 50 states of America to organize gatherings/events according to CDC guidelines. Depending on which state the event is in, the most recent COVID situation in terms of rules will be displayed on the user's screen. And if someone has tested positive for COVID, the users will be notified.

🔨 How I built it

  • UI Design: Figma
  • Database: Firebase Firestore
  • Notification System: Firebase Cloud Messaging
  • Software: Android Studio (XML/Java)

🏆 Challenges I ran into

Being a 1 man team with not much experience, it was hard to implement all of the features that I wanted to put and I actually wasn't able to implement all of them. Coding this app alone in a small time period also put a big workload on me; I'm not used to hackathons, this is my first one! :) I had to learn a lot of things but I wasn't able to fully learn them being I was also in a rush to complete the app.

🏆 Accomplishments that I am proud of

I'm proud of the progress that I have. I have a friends system, a notification system (not fully implemented), and a search system. I've never done anything like this in such a short period of time. Being an inexperienced 1 man team, I'd give my team and me a pat on the back.

🧠 What I learned

I learned how to make a system where friends can be added and appear on each other's friend lists and appear on shared events. I learned how to use JSON to make a POST request to Firebase with the required keys and headers. I also learned how to manage my time and how to let go of some features/ideas that I wanted to do, I can't do em' all! :)

🚀 What's next for the COVID Event Organizer App

I would expand on the COVID tracking system to make it show the user at which event they were in close contact with the individual who tested positive. I would also give the event creators a field where they can input their rules/requirements and the friends/invited people would be notified of those as well. I would have a history of close contacts saved just in case. I would give tips and warnings based on the event size and other factors, I would do a lot!... If I could ;)

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