We met three weeks ago on a Hungarian Covid-hackathon, around an idea all of us have come up with individually: it would be awesome to create an app for the double purpose of helping researchers get data on patients with mild symptoms, whose progression would not be followed otherwise and help these patients by providing them ('in return') an easy-to-use tracking app.

One of our members is a bioinformatic engineer working in academia and therefore has a deeper understanding on how effectively this dataset could be used for predictions, especially if the patients are tested and thus their data can be labelled as covid-positive. However, we have tried to speak to as many doctors and medical researchers as possible in order to validate our idea and choose the best methods to get really valuable data. If some hundreds or thousands of users would provide data, that would be enough to start analyzing it.

At the same time we have researched similar apps being developed world-wide and have seen that most of the data-collecting apps do not have a very user-friendly UI, making it a burden for the people to contribute to science. We believe that there is a balance point where we can offer enough flexibility and simplicity to the users while making sure that the data they submit is accurate and complex enough.

We have also started working closely with municipalities, whose representatives were especially interested in tracking how the (possibly, but not certainly) covid-indicating symptoms spread in their districts, based on postal codes. Sharing data with different authorities, decisions makers is a huge opportunity to help, however, we must be very cautious with the health-related sensitive data and want to make sure that the users are aware and can choose on who is working on/storing/possessing their data.

We have created a prototype and worked on the backend and frontend alike. We have also created wireframes and worked on the interface. We would like to find partners and have further clarifications of the functions and UX testing before building the final app.

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