The growing chaos among people are becoming one the major reason for worsening health conditions in Covid-19 patients. This inspired us to build this platform.

What it does

This web app organizes every information about the oxygen cylinder refills, beds available, Remdesivir available, etc. It also allows the user to add different contact information for these donations, to the database. It also display the Covid-19 statistics in all over India as well as state-wise.

How we built it

My team member, who worked on the backend, used python flask, and sqlalchemy database. I worked on the frontend and used html5, css3, and bootstrap to style the website.

Challenges we ran into

We tried to implement tweepy module so that we can directly access tweets concerning the contact information of people helping. But we could not find any reference code for that in this short time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We believe that what we created taught us a lot and may actually be helpful if we can reach a huge audience.

What we learned

We both learnt a lot from this project. For me this was my first major web designing project. I learnt bootstrap in more detail. For Sanjay, he learnt Database from scratch. We were discussing that no matter what we failed to achieve, we both learnt a lot and would continue doing so.

What's next for Covid Defender

We would try to implement tweepy module and directly display tweets concerning help in different location using hashtags and keywords.

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