-We wanted to help people easily have access to the most up to date and most accurate data presentation graphs and numbers for covid-19 data. We wanted to make sure people stay well informed, and understand the escalation of the current situation. Being well informed and education is the most important factor in our current situation today, and we hope this can be easy for people to understand, review, and learn through program.

What it does

'''Basically returns numbers, arrays, and graphs of data displaying daily updated COVID-19 data to date. Provides an easy access way for people to see the up to date data, and see by state, and how the data is analyzed using different libraries and functions in python.'''

How we built it

-To build this project we solely used python, with libraries such as pandas for the data analysis, matplotlib for the graphing, datetime for accurate date and time settings, and pylab for more data analysis functions.

Challenges we ran into

-We had a lot of trouble with the displaying the data and the graphs, and formatting it in the best way possible for people to easily view the data. Since both Shashank and I aren't the best and don't produce the same aesthetic as UI/UX developers. We hope that the output we produced was well looking and good enough for all the aesthetics viewing our project!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-We are really proud of all the work we have made in python, learnign new libraries such as pylab and matplotlib. The work we did in these new python projects was super cool, and we are so excited to see our project come to life and submit to the Geom Hacks hackathon! We really enjoyed the life of this project and hackathon.

What we learned

-We learned a lot of new libraries in python, mastering libraries such as pylab and matplotlib for great data analysis tools.

What's next for Covid Data Tracker

-Next we hope to implement a server and a GUI, to make everyone have easy access to the code and the data analysis and we truly hope you enjoy!!

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