We were inspired by the websites that were popping up with coronavirus data. We found that many were complicated and had huge tables.

What it does

It has two parts: a website and a discord bot. The website has:

  1. A link to invite the bot
  2. Quick coronavirus stats:
    • Recovered
    • Deaths
    • Confirmed
  3. A tool to find your local health agencies, including:
    • Your national health agency
    • Your regional health agency This is determined by your IP address.

The bot has much more detailed stats, including total recovered, total deaths, total new cases, total new deaths, total active cases, and total serious cases. You can access this data by running c!data (country).

How we built it

We looked at what we knew, and thought of something that we could make with it. 2 of us know python, so we made the backend in Flask and the

Challenges we ran into

We registered a domain ( but due to DNS records not updating we were unable to.

Linode wouldn't allow us to use Flask, so we switched over the Microsoft Azure, as one of the team members had prior experience working with Microsoft Azure.

IP addresses weren't being detected by Flask, as they were being rerouted through a proxy when being hosted by Microsoft Azure. Finding a solution took a while.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It took a while to make a system that checks your IP address and finds the country you're in.

What we learned

Gordon: Getting user info through HTTP requests with proxies and Linux server administration

Gus: Flask

Kaylee: HTML/CSS

David: GET requests in python, JSON dictionaries

What's next for Covid Data

Some things that we could add next include creating more features for the bot to use the full extent of the API and more features on the website.

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