The time when the pandemic was coming around to the US, it secretly instilled some kind of panic that it is going to get worse. All of us had no means to find out but to surf the web. Everyone started spending enormous time on the web to analyse the news in thier own way. I myself was in that place. Constantly looking at the numbers, trying to read in between the line.

What it does

Brings the crux of all of the COVID-19 it to people. Just what they need. Nothing more. Enough to put off anxiety. This is more than necessary to make people look at the bright side of things and create a meaningful life, achieving things they never thought they had the time to do.

How I built it

Using ReactJS, NODE as a back end. Pulling the news from outlets like NewYork Times and Guardian. Proving more people specific updates from Twitter and Reddit.

Challenges I ran into

Identifying the distinguishing factor.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for COVID-CRUX

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