The total number of COVID-19 confirmed cases has exceeded 750,000, and more than 5,000 people have died from the epidemic. The lockdown of the city was extended indefinitely, which affected the livelihoods of many people, increased the unemployment rate, and increased suicide cases. Therefore, the people launched the "White Flag Movement" (#BenderaPutih), and people in need of assistance sought help by hanging white flags. At the end of June, the folks launched the "White Flag Movement" (#BenderaPutih) on the Internet, calling on people facing difficulties in life to set up white flags at home, so that neighbours or other people can lend a helping hand and provide them with the supplies they need. The most widely circulated message on local social media is "For those facing difficulties and without food, put up a white flag at your door and let the people around you help you as much as possible."

What it does

We connect the public with individuals/ healthcare institutions/ non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that seeking financial help. Then, people can help among others.

How we built it

As it is hard to compile all the .java classes online, we have separated our job to each person to have the whole project done. As all of us also have knowledge of Java, all of us have participated in the coding part. Not only that, some of our members also have good experience and knowledge on the usage of MySQL server, and this is the most important element that makes our online-based server function successfully.

Challenges we ran into

Connecting and retrieving data from a free online MySQL database is time-consuming. Besides, we lack experience in software development which causes us more time to have the code done and finish the debugging. Furthermore, we are struggling with the features needed on the system because it is not easy to complete multiple functions within hours.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that our application suits the needs of Malaysians, and we think it is crucial for recovering Malaysia socially and economically. By using our system, we provide a platform for the people who need financial aid to ask for help. Other than that, the information provided is useful for the people who want to donate food, clothes, finances help to the disadvantaged group affected by the pandemic.

What we learned

We learned new technology by establishing an online MySQL database with our Java application. Moreover, we have done a lot of research on how to build-in Google Maps in Java. Through the research, we have better wisdom on Computer Science and it was very useful for career growth. Besides, we understand the importance of teamwork because everyone has the duty to complete the system in time. Furthermore, we understand the meaning of the idiom ‘time flies’, and it reminds us to use time wisely.

What's next

Convert this to a mobile application, Upgrading the system with new features, Improving UX/UI interface to make people feel more comfortable, Establish with a database that has higher performance and stronger security.

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