Our Inspiration

Our group was inspired by our own personal experiences in the COVID-19 pandemic. The corona virus has changed our way of life dramatically. Now, we have to be more careful in public spaces and follow safety guidelines to help protect ourselves and others. We wanted to create a project to help educate our community about how the corona virus pandemic is progressing, along with information about how we can do our part to fight the virus.

What It Does

Covid Connections is a website that offers a variety of different services to its users. First, we have a list of important safety measures and COVID-19 guidelines on our home page (which also includes our mission statement) to remind people of steps they can take to be careful in public settings.

Next, we have a page for users to get information about their specific area with an interactive map. For this map we used Google Cloud's Map API to zoom in on each of the 50 states and mark the top 3 highest and lowest counties with COVID-19 cases. Currently, only the California link is fully functioning, but we hope to add all 50 states in the future.

Our site also has a COVID-19 simulator for people to experiment with COVID-19 guidelines in a simulated neighborhood. Players can decide if a house washes their hands, wears a mask, etc. to see how it will affect the number of case in the home.

Furthermore, our site has a fun quiz page where the user can check their knowledge about the corona virus and see how much they really know about the virus.

Finally, our website provides a list of different resources on the Links page. This page provides links related to staying safe, tracking total case numbers, and finding activities to do in quarantine time.

How We Built It

Our team built the website through the repl.it IDE. The languages we used to build the website were mostly HTML and CSS. We also used JavaScript to create the quiz page and Scratch to make the simulation. Later, we converted the Scratch project to an HTML file.

Challenges We Ran Into

One of the biggest challenges we ran into was getting our Quiz page to work. When creating the quiz, we realized that making a small mistake in your code can change the output drastically. We came across a couple different errors, where we accidentally put JS code into an HTML file and mixed up a few numbers. This caused a multitude of different problems.

Because of these challenges, we learned to be more careful when programming and to always check your work. We also realized the importance of working with a mentor and taking the time to slow down and debug. Collaboration and having a fresh pair of eyes on your work gives you a lot of insight into what your project looks like to an outsider.

Accomplishments That We're Proud Of

We are most proud of creating a website that offers so many different services. We feel like our website has a lot of potential to save and impact lives because of the accumulation of both internal and external resources we provide. On a side note, we are extremely happy with the aesthetics of the website and the UI/UX.

Additionally, we are very satisfied with our improvement as programmers and we feel that we have so many new skills for future hackathons.

What We Learned

As individuals and as a team, we all learned a lot about programming. We learned new commands in HTML, new properties in CSS, and became more familiar with the JS language. Collectively, we all are fairly new to programming and the repl.it IDE so we experimented extensively with our code to figure out how to format the website and make it more interactive.

What's Next for Covid Connections

Covid Connections hopes to eventually expand our interactive map to all 50 of the United States and continue to develop new pages and information as the pandemic continues.

Prizes We're Shooting For

Top 3, Best Use of Google Cloud, Best Website, Best UX/UI, Best Use of an API, Best Healthcare Hack

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