We were inspired by our own school district, which is open physically. Whenever a student tests positive for COVID-19, the school administrators contact each of the student’s teachers. It is the teacher’s duty to determine which students need to be contact traced and sent home to quarantine. We wanted to speed up the process and relieve the teachers of that duty by creating a contact tracing program that instantly generates the traced students with only the seating charts and schedules.

What it does

After entering a student number, their schedule will be pulled. Period by period, the student's seat will be found. Then, the surrounding seats are checked. If there is a student seated next to the selected student, their student number will be collected. The total student numbers are outputted to the user, so that the user can contact those students for contact tracing.

How we built it

To build our project, we first had to develop the seating charts and schedules to test the data in, similar to how the school system would. This was accomplished with a size 4 multidimensional array based on period, class, x-coordinate, and y-coordinate. From then, we used multiple conditional statements and loops to find the surrounding students. Finally, we removed repeating values and printed the result to the user.

Challenges we ran into

When writing our code, we had difficulty with corner and edge seats, as we could not get the array to stay in bounds. After testing many methods, we decided to surround the array in a border of 0’s, filtering them out in the printing process. This solved the problem efficiently.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

For one of our members, this was their first hackathon. They found the experience to be very exciting, and can not wait to participate in more. We are proud that our program works as intended, and could be a possible solution for our teachers.

What we learned

We are in an introductory course of C++, so our knowledge of the language is limited. It was necessary to research many different topics, such as multidimensional arrays, in order to make the program work. We also learned how to use Visual Basic Live Edit studio in order to work collaboratively, something neither of us have used before.

What's next for COVID Classroom Tracer

We wanted to create a more attractive UI and combine it with our school system’s seating chart maker, but we could not find a free C++ compatible UI maker that we could learn over the weekend. That is something we would like to pursue in the future.

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