The inspiration comes from those who are doing risking their lives in order to support individuals who are COVID positive. We're a team who wants to support workers in the front line, ranging from medical workers to grocery employees to food delivery drivers. When medical workers help patients recover, we would like to support them by pushing for local awareness and being able to paint a better picture which may be different from online statistics.

The visual data provided in certain popular COVID-related databases may be difficult to put into perspective based on scaling of graphs, so we are trying to show this data with respect to proximity.

What it does

COVID-Checker is a platform which offers the ability for users to self-report their health with respect to the pandemic.Upon entering the website, user will be able to view nearby COVID cases as symbolized with geofences/circles. The circles suggest to take extra precaution when moving inside it's location. The Positive button, when pressed, will generate a geofence based on the user's location. The second button will delete the geofence if the user is confirmed to have recovered. If the user hasn't self-reported a recovery, then by default the geofence will delete 3 weeks after creation.

How I built it

React/Javascript/Html/CSS was used for front end. Mapbox was utilized to generate a map and create/delete circles.

Challenges I ran into

Working with the Mapbox API served as an initial obstacle, as working with any API for the first time should. Getting familiar with React and it's capabilities were also a challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Proud to have worked on a project for a better cause. Working with API's is relatively new to me so I'm proud of achieving my first project mostly based on API's.

What I learned

More in depth knowledge of async, React capabilities, APIs and the get/put/delete/post functionalities.

What's next for COVID-Checker

Scale larger for double/triple digits of existing circles. Make the site easier for the user so they will have less inertia to contribute to a greater cause.

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