This project was designed for the MLH Hack Girl Summer hackathon; for some being one of their first virtual hackathons. We wanted to get our hands on new frameworks and solve a current issue, so we considered problems in our community. As college students, it made sense to design a 'rating scale' that would allow us to gauge how high our risk of transmission was to COVID-19, as we start to reenter society.

What it does

Depending on your exposure to others due to your destination location, busyness, industry type, your transportation method, and level of PPE, we generate a value that approximates your risk of contracting COVID-19. (the calculation has not been implemented yet).

How we built it

We created our COVID-19 web app using React (HTML/CSS/JS) for the frontend and Node.js and Express.js for the backend which involved implementing the Google Maps API.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into challenges when connecting our frontend and backend work. Initially, we started to use Django for the backend but found there were issues with the project structure and ran into difficulties when integrating it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of developing a front end that showcases our vision for the web app and we're proud of creating a useful product that raises awareness for the safety precautions that should be taken upon reaching a destination.

What we learned

Our backend developers gained experience with Node.js and Express while our frontend developers gained more experience with React and additional React frameworks/libraries (Blueprint.js, Sass).

What's next for covid-chance-tracker

The next steps for the COVID Chance Tracker would be to integrate Django because it better fits our needs. We also plan on including increased warnings for individuals with diabetes, heart diseases, and immunosuppression. As this project is unfinished, we're planning on refining how we calculate the risk score (right now there is an arbitrary system in the works but a future plan is to use ML that takes into account current research to derive a score).

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