Inspiration & Purpose behind the App

During these unprecedented times, there is a growing need for easy certification of an individual's COVID-19 Status. This kind of certification should be easily accessible and verifiable. This is especially true for individuals living in border cities, who might need to visit family and friends in different countries with different methods of testing & verification.

What does our Hack do?

Our web app lets users securely sign in using Google OAuth, fill in their information and survey details about their history with the virus, and generate a certificate. Users can also query existing certificates to verify another individuals' certificate, status and demographic information.

Our Tech Stack

The frontend of the application was created using React, along with Material-UI components. Since none of us had a lot of experience with frontend, this was a challenging but rewarding experience! The Backend makes use of GCP Firebase, with Firestore being used as a NoSQL database to store user information and certificates, and Firebase Hosting used to host the web app.

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Challenges we faced

  • Inexperience with React and Firebase
  • Issues with deployment & hosting

Note that Firebase Authentication may run into some issues due to high uptime. If you face issues using Google Sign In, you can enter this Certificate ID to test out the app: 56214acd-e9ad-4783-840d-1bc89fa2db92

Alternatively, you can clone and run the repo from the Github Link below! Run yarn install, followed by yarn start.

Video Demo

Video Demo Links: (recommended!)

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