In this pandemic situation, many people in Indonesia afraid to go out from their house. Thus, they don't know the latest Covid19 news in their neighbourhood, they would like to know how many cases in their area, death cases and recover cases.

For that inspiration, we want to build covid center to engage people for learning and messenger. We choose this case study because we want to relate their worries and turn it into learning spirit. We hope many people enjoy our tutorial and understand about and messenger.

What it does

This bot have capabilities to give relevant information about covid19 from your location This relevant information consist of:

  1. Total cases
  2. Death cases
  3. Recovered cases
  4. Hospital
  5. How we handle covid.

And this bot have sentiment to understand how user feel about the information. With this tutorial, we hope that reader could understand utterances, intents, entities, and traits.

We hope it because we cover all terms in Wit.AI. And we use web interface and API for making user understand that could train data by data or batch data from API and code.

How we built it

We build the script and app first and then write readme how reader could repeat our doings. We ask our friends how understandable the tutorial is. Our friends could understand how they create the app and using wit AI. and they understand what the meaning behind the terms too!

Challenges we ran into

  • We build the app for beginner to train data with themselves.
  • We afraid that our words are not understandable enough for all-level readers.
  • We maybe use too many words to explain what is the definition, why we should code this, etc.

What's next for Covid Center Bot

For demonstration purposes, we’ve created a very simple covid bot, but you can create a much more engaging and interactive bot. Try sketching out a larger conversation flow with various scenarios and see Wit documentation to learn more about other Wit features e.g. other built-in entities, custom entities, and traits.

If you want to add features, we have recommendation feature to add:

  1. Finite State Machine.
  2. Integrate Covid API.
  3. More data to train.
  4. Use time entities.
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