We see how people's life been impacted by this pandemic. They lost their jobs or forced to continue working in an unsafe environment. However, a lot of companies chose not to do good in the time of this, not only did they put their employees' health at risk, they also didn't take any measure to help them.

We want to create a site that people can review in the future to see whether such companies are really worth working for.

What it does

We are collecting all the reports for how each company responds to this situation, the good and bad.

How I built it

We use React for the frontend and Golang for the backend

Challenges I ran into

It is hard to collect the data in the short amount of the time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are putting an idea into a project. And this might help people or force company to respond better in the future.

What's next for Covid business review

Collect more data to display, improve the site usability, increase the coverage.

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