Even with lockdown protocols and physical distancing measures in place, COVID-19 numbers are still increasing. Health Officials reported 1228 cases and 28 deaths today alone, which is higher than the previous day's records. This is due in part to the fact that residents are leaving their houses for both essential and non-essential reasons, and have no way of figuring out how safe their destination really is. The problem with how information about the pandemic is being shared is that the information about cases in a particular area is difficult to access, and can often be time-consuming which is part of the reason why people do not bother to look in the first place.

Our solution to this problem is COVIDBrief, a website that provides a straightforward, easy to use chatbot that provides the user with up to date information on a certain area based on the address input, in hopes that people think twice and make the right decision before leaving their house for any reason. COVIDBrief also provides the user with information on nearby testing facilities, as well as other important and useful resources to further help prevent the spread of COVID-19. The ease of use and minimal interface allows the user to quickly receive info without having to scour the internet every time.

Challenges we faced: Utilizing new tools and languages to design this application, working together on a time crunch and internet issues to serve this

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