Promote solidarity actions in the crisis. Involve those who need help with those who want to help, creating jobs and establishing a network of solidarity and monitoring.

What it does

It allows the connection of solidarity interests between people and visualizes in real time the regions that most need help. The system provides the data for solidarity people to act and reduce requests made by the region, providing a map with the graphic identification of the collaboration between solidarity and needy people.

How it was built

The solution was made available as a web application and can be accessed through the domain. The solution is responsive and allows easy user interaction on most electronic devices, such as computers, TVs and cell phones. This system is an evolution of a solidarity network, as it can serve as a measure for government and private companies to assess needs by location. All technologies involved in the construction of the project are open source.


The solution was one of the few that represented Brazil as an innovation idea involving universal solidarity. During the Hackathon, the team went through three eliminatory checkpoints and reached the final assessment. The need meets proposals from representatives of the public sector and the European Commission.

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