Τhe rapidly increasing number of worldwide COVID-19 cases, the misleading information that people receive from web, anxiety and actual incidents, cause the overloading and idle of the hotlines. This situation was the main reason we decided to provide a novel solution, the COVID-bot. Thus, we help people to not wait on the line or should go through many trusted papers to find answers to their questions.

What it does

COVID-bot is a smart chatbot which aims to provide trust-worthy and in simple-words replies almost in real-time to the user queries about COVID-19. You can ask COVID-bot any relevant question to prevention, precautions, and the current situation in any country. The reply can be given in the form of text, video, graph or a combination if needed to explain better and offer a meaningful answer to as many as possible people.

How I built it

COVID-bot is a user-friendly Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powered chatbot based on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with the main purpose of being answering any questions related to COVID-19.

Challenges I ran into

Working online has been fascinating, but working on different time zones is challenging. Being always focused on our aim - to provide a dissemination prevention smart tool to help people, we overcame every challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Behind each demanding project, there should be a passionate team with vision. Something that we are proud of.

What I learned

Working under high pressure is really difficult. As sooner as we release COVID-bot, we strongly believe that we will contribute significantly to limit virus spreading. This is our greatest lesson and motivation so far.

What's next for Covid-bot.

The chatbot has the ability to detect different personas and emphasize specific content targeted to each user. Thus, making it more helpful and personalized depending on what the user seems to care about the most. As next steps, IP and collected data (geolocation, significant questions, statistics per country etc.) can be used for targeted campaigns and further data-driven research on how to be protected and stop the virus spreading. CODIV-bot can find application all around the world.

Using COVID-bot you bring impact not only to your society but to the rest of the world to overcome this virus demanding challenge.

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