I myself faced a lot of difficulties while getting the information about the COVID-19 where the fake impressions were said in social network and electronic media were wrong and fake, so I thought of creating a blog site and make it an independent for this situation to stick on giving the updates about COVID-19 and make people aware of all updates about medicine etc...,

What it does

The application's basic plot in this hackathon was to help the people to have a single base of knowing how to be healthy , prevention of the disease, Some COVID-19 cured patients Experience and Mind relaxing health-related blogs.

How I built it

I built the web application with the help of PHP , Mysql(PHPMYADMIN), HTML, CSS, Jquery.

Challenges I ran into

Was a bit difficult in learning auth0 linking for signing into the app, Deployment in the cloud was also difficult for me in linking an instance for application in AWS cloud and the PHP Challenges were all cleared by StackOverflow

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to deploy a full-fledged web application with authentication and happy that I was able to recall all my college subject and put in a project.

What I learned

AWS Elastic From mentor but was unable to deploy and learnt more about PHP and Mysql

What's next for COVID-Blog

we are planning to implement a machine learning model where we could ask a question before writing the blog or reading the blog so that they get the featured and relative blogs even if this COVID situation is moved up. as we cannot expect the COVID to stay longer time but this can make people reading experience easy and beautiful.


we were unable to deploy on the cloud so we have successfully created a model of it on GitHub pages with some actions using only the HTML, CSS, JS and this is our first-time hackathon and the experience was awesome and support from a mentor and the organizing team was great.

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