Since the beginning of the crisis most of the countries have announced measures to support the economy. As usual, very few have announced measures to support Independents and freelancers who are not eligible for unemployment benefits.

What it does and we would like to build it

I would like to build a platform for independent workers / freelancers to open their banking data (thanks to open banking/psd2) of the last 6 months, to be able to instantly prove the impact of the crisis on their revenues.

Thanks to this platform European countries will be able to support Independents workers and provide financial support in line with the impact of the crisis on their activity. This system will avoid fraud, facilitate payments and will inform the freelancers with all the benefits he can claim to face the crisis.

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for COVID benefits platform for freelancers

After building the MVP during the hackathon we would like to try out with a first test country shortly. We hope to have the support of the European Comission who is participating in this Hackathon to deploy the solution in Europe.

Built With

  • apis
  • openbanking
  • psd2
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