There are many people who is hiding their travel histories, hence Govt. is failing to trace them and take necessary actions. If we can track them we can get rod of further spreading considering we are locked down at home.

What it does

Checking the past travel history(in last 60days) by analysing Google Calendar Events and Google Map timeline location history. If any travel history found, app will store the data and silently share with Government. Self assessment test to check COVID chances by answering quests. Engage users more with some activities by offering some challenges during this lockdown period. Help to identify the Quarantine/Isolated areas and app will throw an alert if user is within 500 meter radius App will show the overall statistics of India and World and blogs in News Feed section A SOS button to contact nearby hospitals and police to either for medical emergency or to make complaint(viz, if you know a person is in Quarantine and still not maintaining social distance, you can call directly to police to complain against that person) Worldwide daily newsfeed will be available for user.

How I built it

Language : Java Framework : Android Studio Parsing technique : XML, JSON API : Google Location service, Google Calendar event, Google Timeline , Firebase authentication, NewsAPI, Geo Fencing Database : Firebase Realtime database Firebase Push notification App permission : Google Location, Calendar, Camera Output : .APK (Any android devices above version 6.0)

Challenges I ran into

Google Timeline has not yet exposed any open source API yet, so I could only manage to get 7days of data using the following link. Hence I go ahead with Google Calendar Event reading.!1m8!1m3!1i2020!2i2!3i6!2m3!1i2020!2i4!3i6

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are all trying to reduce the count of corona affected count. Every country is spending huge money for testing. If we can find the right people and test them we can have the count reduced automatically. The gamification in the app can be an engagement for users and with more users Onboarding we can have more details of different individual as a data source.

What I learned

What best way we can fight with Corona. Timeline data capturing, how google map keeps a track of our every movement.

What's next for Covid Analyser

As its a single app will have all the corona related information. I want to leverage it more with additional features like how we can add e-shopping of groceries, medicines through app.

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