After the breakout of the worldwide pandemic COVID-19, there arises a severe need for protection mechanisms, face masks being the primary one. The basic aim of the project is to detect the presence of a face mask on human faces on live streaming video and to also detect any violation of social distancing norms. We have used deep learning- TensorFlow and Keras and some acknowledgeable references to develop our face detector model. We will be adding the feature to detect social distancing in our next update which will be out soon. We have made full use of Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, Google suite, etc to create our website and design.

The major challenge for us in the backend was to apply tensor and Keras for detecting mask so we used some help in implementing the script to train system to identify person with mask and without mask.

The major challenge for us in the frontend was to make the login page. So we have kept our login page very simple.

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