As the coronavirus pandemic continues to evolve, there’s new information to pay attention to that comes out daily. Unfortunately there are as many half-truths and untruths about this crisis as there are facts - and all from different websites and forms of communication. This can make it difficult for anyone to find credible information on what the current situation is, what precautions and steps to take and how to prevent further spread.

What it does

Our aim with this project was to create a responsive website that was easy for people of all ages to use across mobile, desktop, tablet platforms. covID is a one-stop hub that will give the user the accurate information on the COVID-19 pandemic. Information that’s clear, concise and easy for anyone to understand and moreover, that they can TRUST is the right information coming from credible sources directly from health officials or the government in their target specific area.

This site will give information that is relevant to the user and is specific to their location, while giving clear instruction on information that applies to us globally on the general knowledge of safe practices on Social Distancing, Prevention and Self Check assessments.

How I built it

This prototype was built using Adobe XD and the clickable prototype was put together using the Invision app.

Challenges I ran into

We a few challenges with trying to simplify how the information is presented as well as we would've like to have done further user testing, if not for time constraints.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Overall we are proud of how we were able to narrow down key areas of important information that will make it the best possible experience for the user to navigate and find their desired information during this pandemic. It will hopefully make dealing through this tough time a little less stressful for users if they feel confident in searching for and implementing the information they find on our website.

What's next for covID

We hope to further examine the navigation on our site and see how we can implement the self assessment from government websites directly into our website. Further to this, if a user performs a self assessment and the result is to seek further assessment, we'd like to see how we might integrate a fillable form which sends information directly to health providers and hospitals.

Built With

  • adobe-xd
  • invision-app
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