Covid 19 situation We need to learn new lifestyle for life . This Game create simulation about world Learn social distancing. Wash Hand, Take a shower is importance .I want to create game that has fun and some covid prevent knowledge.

What it does

It's Game learn how to survive from Covid virus. Player need to work from home and go to market for buy food and mask. For protect self and other .Player need mask when out door.

How I built it

I create this game with construct 2 and photon

Challenges I ran into

Learn Create Online Multiplayer Game

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It's Fun !

What I learned

This game is first my online multiplayer game. I learn about basic online multiplayer game.

What's next for Covid 20

1 Create new design game room 2 Upgrade game graphic and animation 3 add fun and knowledge features such as Give Food or Mask to friend ,7 Step Wash Hand knowledge and sync covid devil to all player in same room

Built With

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