• Obtain data from widely-used third-party APIs and update the virus data automatically from server API every hour
  • Add a safety advice module to tell people what to do during this pandemic infection.
  • Write a footer and about us page to let people who browse this website have a better understanding about our project.
  • Build a news page using Microsoft Bing News API to let the website show the top news about coronavirus in the US
  • Write an Email subscriber to let people who want to keep updated with our website can subscribe to our newsletter, using nodemailer.
  • Host this project on Heroku

Tools in use:

  • Frontend framework: Angular and Bootstrap4
  • Backend framework: Node.js
  • Frontend icon: Google Map API and Chart.js
  • Host Platform: Heroku


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Getting started

To get the Node server running locally:

  • Clone this repo
  • to install all required dependencies
$ npm install

go to backend and run

$ node index.js

To get the frontend running locally:

go to /frontend, then run

  • Clone the repository.
  • Run npm install in folder.
  • Make sure you have npm and angular-cli installed.
  • After installation is done, run ng serve and open website at https://localhost:4200

Group members:

Haoyu Guo

Tianyi Xu



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