At a time where our whole world is dealing with the pandemic COVID-19 has brought to us, we wanted to build something that would inform, but still be fun for children. Our game is our way of letting kids learn about the basic safety precautions when dealing with COVID, while getting to use familiar characters from the lovely Disney World.

What it does

Our program is completely written in Python and runs a choose-your-own (disney covid) adventure game. While it is meant for kids, anyone can play it. It let's the user choose between a disney movie and character options (from chosen movie) and gives different choices for Covid-19 health related situations. The program will alert the user if they have chosen correctly or not, then lets the user choose if they'd like to continue or not.

How we built it

We built the program using Python and used as our main platform. The main data structure we used was list. We used lists to store popular Disney movies and the common characters in those movies. We also made lists of possible scenarios that one might encounter during the current pandemic followed by lists of choices that correspond with each scenario. Our code consists of a giant while loop that keeps the game running until the user decides to quit. Inside the while loop, there are multiple if statements that will output the scenarios and their corresponding choice options. The program will then read input from the user and output a response, indicating if their choice was correct or not. We chose to use a random generator to throw scenarios at the user in random orders to add more variety and excitement. We also had while loops that allow the uses to keep entering responses if they enter an invalid input.

Challenges we ran into

Loops, Exceptions, and If statements. While we knew what we wanted our code to do, as beginner coders, we definitely had some trouble with endless looping at times and working through errors when building our if statements. All in all, we figured it out, well, one of our members did, lol, but it was one of our tougher challenges!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building a working / non breakable program was one of the main goals. We definitely had plenty of ideas to add more, but we wanted to have a concrete structure, which I think we all feel we accomplished! It runs smoothly & we took into account that kids don't always " follow the rules" we may put in place, so when a user inputs something other than the options given, rather than breaking, our code responds in a way to direct the user back to the valid choices.

What we learned

Teamwork and good solid planning is so so important. All our members had limited experiences with coding, and we had a hard time deciding on what we truly wanted to do verses what we could handle. We focused on a main goal and tried to build off of that. We learned that with all these great ideas, we need to commit to one and focus on building the best most stable program and then, once done, decide where to edit and work on improving things.

What's next for Covid-19+

Graphics & Images!! Our current project is just the base of what our true goal was. We would like to add more character and more scenarios as well as images of characters and even maybe at some point change our program to even work with moving graphics! We have so many different ideas that could be implemented with more time and effort!

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