I'm a Physiology student and I'm interested in the aftereffects of COVID 19.

What it does

Detects the presence of COVID 19 within X-ray scans.

How we built it

It uses convolutional neural networks to identify hallmark features of COVID 19 and classify images.

Challenges we ran into

Dataset problems, but they were addressed in the GitHub.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Around an ~87% accuracy. The web application itself is fresh and incorporates responsive web design.

What we learned

Learned about Keras for CNNs. Learned Get and Post with Flask. Learned CSS Grid, template inheritance, and bootstrapping.

What's next for COVID 19 X-Ray Detector

I hope to develop a mobile version that can instantly detect COVID 19 from urine samples. Ideally it'd be accessible by everyone and trivialize PCR tests.

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