Our inspiration for our website came from the feeling that we should try our best to spread the word and keep everyone as safe as possible, and what better to keep them safe than provide them the information they need to know about the virus that is affecting millions. This website tells all you need to know about COVID-19, whether it would be new COVID-19 news, symptoms of COVID-19, or activities kids can do at home during COVID-19, we have it all. We built this website with a website creator called wix.com. A challenge we ran into included that we only really had 2 people who worked on the actual project, and three people in all who joined our meetings, out of the 5 people we were supposed to have in our group. This made it harder for us to work as fast to get all that we had to get done in such a small period of time. Wix.com also took a very long time to load up sometimes, and it would only allow one person to edit the website at a time, so we had to take turns. An accomplishment we are proud of is that we made a pretty good website for our first website that we have ever made. During this project, we learned how to make a website in the simplest way possible. What's next for our COVID-19 Website - All About COVID-19- we think this can be a simple website that can be published so many people can view it, and we can always add information so there can be more information for people to know more about COVID-19.

Built With

  • wix.com
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