What does the coronavirus look like? How does a virus replicate? Can we see them in VR simulation?

What it does

Covid-19 VR Lab provides an immersive learning experience that allows users to take a closer look and use hands to interact with VR simulation. Covid-19 educational videos and official information will be played and displayed in this lab.

How I built it

We are using Unreal Engine and Oculus Quest Hand Tracking.

Challenges I ran into

There are many un-official SARS-CoV-2 3D models, so this VR simulation can not be accurate as what it looks like. There are many online videos about coronavirus replication. We hope we can create one experience before the deadline.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Interacting with coronavirus simulation with hands while watching CDC videos makes it easier to learn about things around Covid-19.

What I learned

CDC videos have great information. The coronavirus in VR looks scary.

What's next for Covid-19 VR Lab

We will release it on SideQuest for others to try it out.

Built With

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