Could not sit and sulk. Wanted to use my skill to be make an impact. In my home country (India), so many people (including elderly) still come out to buy groceries. including my relatives. they cannot buy in bulk, simply because they cant carry. They dont have delivery. So in an apartment if there 10 houses, one from each house are coming out. i was trying to minimize that. Recovered patients or any volunteering group can collect & consolidate these supply requests. Go and purchase them and deliver to the entire apartment in one shot. This app can be used at apartment scale, a street scale or a region or city scale.

What it does

Collects request for supplies - medical, groceries, sanitary material etc.

How I built it

I am a salesforce dev. I quickly was able to launch a public site, create forms, create the backend and put it on my website

Challenges I ran into

mobile compatibility

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Ability to hand it over to 1 volunteering group in 2 days

What I learned

Plan for mobile first. pretty basics. plan for simple usability

What's next for COVID-19 Volunteering App

Grouping of requests within the app to help faster consolidation of requests Security and privacy of requester and volunteer.

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