When this hackathon started I thought off cool ways I could build a project related to the pandemic. I used my android phone and used the built in voice assistant feature and asked it for specific covid cases in countries or COVID-19 details but all it did was search it up for me and not give me the specific details I needed out loud. Then, I remembered I had experience with python, Google's voice API, selenium and kivy and I could use all 3 of them to make a webscrapping app to quaicly give me data about COVID-19.

What it does

This is a fully-featured Voice Assistant tool App that can tell you the data statistics of COVID-19 for any country in the world. Just simply make an account, log in and ask it something like "How many active COVID cases are in Canada" or "How many COVID-19 deaths are in the USA" with your voice and it will tell you immediately by web scrapping the answer of the live COVID-19 data website and showing you the data tables as well. This also has additional features such as searching up any health concerning information related to COVID-19 with your voice and it will google search the best answer and say it you with Google's voice API. Furthermore, there are even more interactive features such as note-taking. Simply press the "take note button" and say "note.....(whatever you want)" and it will immediately write it on a notepad and pop it up.

How I built it

This entire program is using python along with several libraries and APIs to give all its feature-rich components. The GUI and app interface its self is built using python's app framework called Kivy. Kivy handles the account, log in, GUI, logout and frontend design/button features which let users graphically interact with the program. This program uses Google's voice API for reading text and converting text to speech and speech to text and python's microphone libraries to convert your sound into string text which python can understand and perform its logic and language processing. This also uses a web scraping module called Selenium. Selenium is what allows this program to go on the internet and imminently search up what the user said with their voice without any human control and bring up all the COVID and text data and scrape that data of the HTML code so the program can speak it out to you. The code is separated into 3 main files, the first file is called and this file contains all the functions and logic for all the webscraping and voice assistant feature. The the next file is backup.kiby and this contains all the frontend design for the app. The final file is and this is where all the files cometogether to make this program and the app's logic.

What community Impact does this have?

This tool can be applied in many places such as homes, workplaces, in your car (if you have internet access), etc. COVID-19 is the most concerning situation in the past years and it's good for as many people as possible to easily access information regarding COVID-19 cases in specific countries and health tips to give the community more knowledge about the virus and prevention protocols just by simply asking with their voice and doing no more.

What we learned

I learned a built a lot of skills throughout this project. I learned how to combine Google-voice API, selenium web scraping and KIVY apps all together to built this cool voice assistant app. I went through a lot of bug issues throughout the time building this but it eventually came together okay.

What's next for COVID-19 voice assistant App

I think If I were to improve this project I would update the GUI, because the GUI is not that impressive and I kind of had to rush it.

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